Hi Martin, how are you a few days after the release of Behind LP Reshaped ?


Hello Florian, I´m fine. Thank you! The release is out now and i`m really happy with the result. It was a lot of work to finish this album because it has handmade packaging. I painted every album cover, all hand-painted on limited vinyl and the tape edition. It took more then 2 months and this much work is the reason to limit the vinyl edition to a special number of 333 and the tape edition to 150. I dedicated the same effort for the original album last year with black colour on a white background and now its inverted with white colour on a black background. For me it’s the perfect way to close the story of my first solo album project and I think to invest so much work into the packaging makes the album a little bit more personal and it’s something you can’t download in the digital age.


This last LP, Behind Reshaped, is an opulent collection of selected remixes of your first album, Behind, done by internationally respected electronic producers. How did it happen? Who came on to whom?


I´m really thankful that so many of my favorite producers did rework an album track including the likes of Matthew Herbert, Steve Bug, XDB, Boo Williams, Sascha Dive, Legowelt, Marko Fürstenberg & Luke Hess, The Analog Roland Orchestra, Carlos Nilmmns, Freund der Familie, Basic Soul Unit, Youandewan, Rising Sun, Jamie 3:26 and youANDme (Daniel). After the release of my album “BEHIND” in June last year I had the wish that every album track will get the remix treatment. So I asked some producers who I really love, respect and who have inspired me to make my own music.




There is a hidden remix, only available on the cassette, by Freund der Familie. Could you tell us more about them?


Behind the “Freund der Familie” is Klaus Rakete and Mirko Hunger. I think they did the artist project and label since 2007 and i`m a big fan of their deep and dub inspired sound. You could hear the love and passion if you check their productions and live sets.


What’s you favorite remix in this LP and why ?


I think its really hard to choose a favourite because it depends always on your mood and at which time of the day you are listening to but I can say that i’m really happy with every remix and there was no version which disappoints me.


For those who do not know you, could you name a track (one of yours or of another artist) that represents you?


Wow, this is a really hard question because I love so many different styles of music like house, techno, electronica, ambient, dub-techno, downbeats but I’m also interested in classical stuff, jazz, soul or funk music. I’m all the time hungry for new sounds and influences. One track which has many different waves is “Beyond” from my album “BEHIND”. It starts with some really deep and sad minor pads and in the middle its changing into some euphoric Detroit inspired techno. At the end you could find a smooth “ambient-string-surprise” which was played by Olga Kholodnaia. Maybe this one reflects my different passions the best at the moment.

You’re the man behind youANDme, Dubsuite and youAND:THEMACHINES. How each of them reflect your personality?


youANDme is the music project of Daniel and I. We lived together in a flat with 2 studios for more than 10 years and this was a really inspiring time. In 2008 we created the youANDme project and its still our main priority. Daniel is focussing on his career as an architect now and thats why he has not as much time for studio work at the moment. That’s the reason we both decided that I do the album production as solo project under the new name youAND:THEMACHINES. At first it was a foreign feeling but then I realized more and more that I have the freedom to express myself in a more personal way. It was great to make music alone and I think the result is different from our other works. When I finished the “BEHIND” LP I was happy that Daniel really liked the result. Dubsuite was a project with my old friend Holger Flinsch and we released a “modular-experimental-ambient-dub” album called “Eigenleben” on the Stadtgruen label in 2006.

Do you have other upcomings projects ?


We are working on some new youANDme EPs and there is the plan for a new album of youANDme. We finished some remixes and one of them is for Steve Bug which will be out soon as Pokerflat 150. It’s a big pleasure to remix the label boss for the 150 anniversary release and we are happy with the result.

Berlin is described historically as THE city of techno, like the Detroit of Europe. What about now, in 2014 ? Do your city influence your music?


I´m not sure if it’s really Berlin which inspired us most. Sure it’s maybe the best place to go out to techno clubs and have never ending parties but the city could give you so much more. There are really nice theaters, jazz clubs, parks, restaurants, bars and galleries outside of the tourists places which are not so overhyped and its always fun to discover something new and get inspiration behind the (techno-) music biz. We like the vibe in the summer months but the dark and cold winters could be a little bit depressing sometimes and this is a good reason to spend the most time in the studio and jamming with the machines.


Could you describe one of your typical days ?


At 9 o`clock I go to the office and do the typical label work. This means I’m writing e-mails, doing phone calls, preparing artworks, doing paper stuff, updating websites… It’s sometimes the best part and sometimes the most boring part of the day. After I finished my job in the office I go to the studio and try to work on new stuff or I have to finish the track with the deadline from last week. During the afternoon I need to free my eyes from screens and I go jogging in the park with some friends. It’s good to free your mind from all this business stuff. After dinner I go again to the studio because I love the magic vibe during the night. For me its often the time where I got the best ideas.


Do you ever come in France ? to play ? to travel ?


Yes I played 4 times in Paris at really different parties but I have only good memories. Everytime there is always a really friendly vibe and the people had an open mind for all kinds of music. I did also a nice road-trip with my girl friend to the south of france some years ago. This was one of my best holidays because you have a really beautiful countryside, awesome food and a lot of sun.


What you do you think about the evolution of electronic music since you were born ? What about the future of electronic music ?


Sometimes you listen to the first techno and house records from the 80ies and you think there was no evolution until today and this pioneers of electronic music said everything in the beginning. At other days you discover the fresh music of an 18 years old kid and it blows you away and you get this revolutionary feeling from your youth which totally kicks you again. I don’t know what the future of electronic music is about. I hope somebody will create a completely new interesting style which will change everything but I don’t know if it’s possible.


Do you want to talk about someone special or something special in your life, something you like or dislike ?


There are a lot of special people in my live which are inspiring and which gives you the energy to continue the way. I’m thankful to surrounded by you (you know who you are ;-)


What is your summer programm ?


We will play a lot of club and festivals gigs during the summer. Besides all the touring we will work on the first ideas for a new album and I hope we will find enough time to enjoy life, sun and beaches.








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