Simina Grigoriu

En pleine ascension grâce à son intégration à la tournée “Berlin Calling” et à la sortie des très bons Ponytails et Mukluks (cf Myspace), Simina Grigoriu est une personne ouverte qui sait nous pointer du doigt le chemin de la danse à l’épuisement.
Elle accepte de répondre à nos questions avec un engouement qui la rend toujours plus jolie! 
Before being a DJ, did you learn to play an instrument?
Yes.. I played violin and piano when i was a kid.. but i don’t remember how to play either.. it’s been so long..
Ever wanted to play an another instrument? 
Drums.. I’ve learned a little bit.. at least i can keep a beat… My brother is an amazing musician so somestimes I just watch him in awe. He’s really talented and was playing drums each day.. It’s how i got into it.
Does anyone push you to make techno?
There are lots of artist that have influenced me.. too many to name.. but it was a personal decision to start producing.. I did not try to follow anybody’s sound. Guys like Juan AtkinsDerrick MayJeff Mills andAdam Beyer have always been at the top of my list.
What are your hardwares and softwares?
I don’t use hardware. I use only Ableton Live. Mostly samples and some vsts… I can do what I need with the software.. There are ways of creating sounds with virtual instruments that sound identical to their hardware counterparts. But this is a controversial subject, I guess.
 When and where did you play for the first time and how was it?
I played somme small venues in Toronto and Miami but the big shows i played were here in Germany. The first one was an open air festival somewhere in East Germany. It was cool to play in front of such a different crowd than I had seen back home. The sound was great and it was when I realized how serious these guys were about their music. It was nice.
Can you explain us the name of your two pieces “Ponytails” and “Mukluks”?
These pieces are so dear to me not only because I put my heart and soul into them… but because they are my first two released tracks, Mukluks & Ponytails.
Mukluks.. because of the boots I am always wearing.. I have them in every colour… and Ponytails.. because of the ponytail i wear on the side of my head…
Tell us more about Sonat Records
Sonat Records is an upcoming label from Berlin spearheaded byLudovic Vendi from France. It’s a great label with a great sound.. and small enough to be able to do something new. It’s why I aligned myself with them.
What are your plans for 2010?
I was chosen as the beggining act for the 2010 Berlin Calling concert tour.. So for the most part of March and April, I was traveling around on a tour bus with Paul and the crew.. Going from place to place.. and playing our concert. It was quite different in that it was actually a concert tour.. big venues and huge production. For the rest of 2010 it’s back to club gigs and festivals.. and of course more music in the works :)
What is the worst experience you’ve lived as a DJ?
It was probably when my equipment started messing up on stage in front of 8000 people. My heart dropped into my stomach.. luckily I troubleshooted the problem and was back up and running in a few moments.. but it was terrifying.
What is your favorite club and why?
Oh boy.. this is a hard one.. I’m going to stay faithful and sayFOOTWORK in Toronto.. This is the greatest little place and all of our friends know it.
What do you do when you don’t play music? 
Sometimes too much.. and sometimes nothing at all.. it really depends… to be honest I spend most of my time at home.. with my guy and my books and movies. I also like to walk around and look at architecture.. it fascinates me.
Why have you chosen to live in Berlin?
Berlin is the best place for me to be. My family and my music are here..
Who is Paul Kalkbrenner for you?
Paul Kalkbrenner is one of my favorite artists.. He is also the love of my life… (smiling now).
What are your favorite artists from the beginning of 2010?
Lately I’ve been playing a lot from Format:BLuca Bacchetti,CoyuSIS, Nicone and Pablo Cahn & Hector.. just to name a few..
What do you think about downloading illegally on the Internet?
I don’t agree with it and I don’t do it.. having said that.. f some kid in India downloads my music and burns it on a CD and gives it to all his friends.. It’s the best promotion that could happen in a country where we have no distribution. There are always two sides to a story.. This has been a difficult challenge for the music industry. It’s why I appreciate when labels release on vinyl before they release digital.. It gives the artist a chance to fight the downloaders.
On top of which monument you’d like to play?
That’s easy. I would love to play on top of Corcovado in Brazil.
 What is your remedy to get out of bed the morning after a big party?
H20.. the fountain of youth.
How do you imagine your life in 10 years?
Wow.. That’s a big one… Feels like a job interview.. I see myself still surrounded by music.. as well as a couple of kids. Aside from this.. I’m not sure what life will look like..
Any advice for someone who wants to become a DJ?
Practice. Practice. Practice until you’re sick. Then practice more.

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