Podcast #86 – The Analogue Cops

The Analogue Cops sont deux italiens qui ont prouvé en l’espace de 3 ans qu’ils faisaient partis des artistes à suivre pour de nombreuses années encore. Très vite, ils ont créé le label Restoration afin de n’avoir aucune limite pour s’exprimer. A eux deux ou avec leur amie Steffi (pour Third Side), avec leur autre ami Blawan, ils ont encore beaucoup à partager (voir interview). Ce podcast prouve comment, très discrètement, The Analogue Cops arrivent à nous plonger là où ils nous plongent à chaque fois qu’on les voit en live ; dans un tourbillon techno boosté à la testostérone. Rennais : Ils sont samedi 26/01 à l’ubu pour la Belle de Nuit.

Hi, we saw you last October at La Machine du Moulin Rouge for the BLPGRN001 Paris Launch Party hosted by Sntwn. It was a fantastic line-up with Lucy, Objekt & Steffi. Could you tell us your feedbacks about that night, the venue & the public.

The Bleep party in Paris was fantastic. The guys of Sntwn are really nice people and they know how to set up proper parties. Everything was just perfect. The venue is huge and it was full crowded. The line-up was great…and we were like a team because we were all travelling from London where we did the first of the bleep parties. The line-up was right and the people on the dancefloor were really into the music. I think everybody had a good time.

BLPGRN001 is the name of your first release on Bleep including tracks from Karenn. You already worked with Blawan on your own label Restoration. Is he a good friend? Could we expect more collaborations in the future?

Blawan is a very good friend since the first time that we met at a flash forward party in venice. We have the same attitude in the studio and we always  have fun working together with the machines. Now we have a new project with him called Parassela. The first record was a limited series of white labels, the second one came out on the Vae Victis label with a Die Roh remix. I think the third one will be another limited white label with some tracks we did together with Pariah. Hard, fast, distorted techno.

2012 was a great year for you and Restoration. What’s your expectations for 2013?

we can tell you that we have a remix pack of a Third Side track with reinterpretations of Virginia, Ra.h, Marco Shuttle, and of ourselves as Xenogears. This release will come out at the end of february. Then, at the end of March we will have the Analogue Cops’ album (!) featuring collaborations with Steffi, Virginia and Stanley Anscrom. We don’t know what will happen after that…we are sure to release another Third Side ep before the end of the year…we have many tracks ready that we have done with many different friends. we just have to decide.

In a few days you will be in Rennes with Society of Silence. They also played for a Sntwn event Did you heard about that new French group? If we talk about the french techno scene, what names come to your mind?

I just know the names of the Society of Silence…becuase my friends in Paris told me very good things about that. If we talk about the French scene we must admit that we dont know so many new people. We have been deeply influenced by the music of Scan X, Ludovic Navarre, Shazz, The Youngsters, The Hacker, Laurent Garnier, Aqua Bassino and Llorca….very very influenced. Nowadays, it seems that the guys of Syncrophone are doing a very good job.

could you tell a bit more about your live for those who didn’t have the chance to see you before?

Expect raw music, expect fat sound, expect fun but expect also a touch of melancholy…

Enjoy the public from Rennes, we could tell you that it’s one of the best.





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