hello JP, can you introduce yourself to midi deux’s readers ?
Hello readers! My name is Juan Pablo Pfirter and i’m a dj and producer from Buenos Aires. I have the pleasure to release my music on different techno labels and i’m trying to enjoy life as much as possible.
So you are an Argentinian, and I have to admit that it is rather rare to see a DJ from Argentina. So can you tell us about music (music in general and electronic music) in South America?
Well, music in South America is quite variate. On one side there’s all the authentic latin music from many years ago, that still remains the same of course. Then, all the pop versions of the latin music (that is quite popular). And of course South America has been influenced by european music and trends regarding pop and also electronic music.
In Argentina specially, electronic music has been quite popular by the end of the 90′s until a couple of years ago. Nowadays it divided between some super mainstream clubs and festivals with music that is more close to pop or radio music, and some few underground spots.
How do you started in electronic music world ?
Argentina has been deeply influenced by european music, specially during the 80′s and 90′s. On 1991 i started working on a radio station in buenos aires, that was focused on electronic music. That allowed me to reach a lot of music, people and information that were totally new for me…that’s how my research started.
As you said, you produced for some big labels, clr, stroboscopic artifacts … What are your ambitions with these labels ?
That’s hard to say because i believe i have no ambitions, at least on the formal concept of ambition…my main goal is to be able to produce the music that i want, and release it on a plattform that share ideas with me and give me freedom to do whatever i want to do. Clr, Stroboscopic Artefacts and all the other labels i’ve been releasing my music on are always looking forward and pushing Techno music on its own unique way, and at the same time they are really big imprints and manage to get to a wider audience as well.Pfirter – Audiometria incl. Lucy Remix – STHLM LTD 021

One of you release I really like is Monad IV. Can you tell us more about it (production, series,…) What were the feedbacks?
Monad IV is a very special release for me. It took me a lot of work since it was a 4 track ep with a clear concept, 4 tracks made all together and prepared to work as one, not just 4 club tracks in one release. It was definitely the release that got the best feedback and press reviews and i think that’s mainly because i’ve been able to show different styles into techno, that i havent been able to show before Monad IV. The whole series are just great and i’m sure a lot of people will keep discovering some of those tracks in the future.
I spoke with Lucy about Stroboscopic Artifacts state of mind. It’s really special. I think your music has a bright future. What is your opinion about that ?

Yes, Lucy and SA concept is all about going forward and forget about any kind of limitations or boundaries.

I deeply believe that music, as in every aspect of life, relies on going deeper on every situation that shows up, but it’s also about balance. As we move deeper and evolve on those aspects, our music and our lifes get better. It’s all about evolution.
What do you think about Lucy’s album ?

I’ve first listened to it several months before being out and since that moment i could feel how special it was. For me it will be one of the best albums of this year, simply because Luca managed to tell a story. All the tracks are sonically related and he managed to make a Techno album with almost no straight 4/4 tracks, a Techno album that can be listened at home but that still drives you crazy in a good way.
And do you have an album project?
Mmm i’ve been working on an album project in the past, but then i decided to do something better. I’m working on stuff for a possible album but i still must go a long way.If I ask you 5 albums (or tracks) that made you feel something good in your life, you say?

It’s hard to name just five, specially during late 80′s and early 90s i’ve been blown away by different kind of artists and albums, from Depeche Mode to Jeff Mills, Pan Sonic, Kraftwerk, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb…by those days i got deep into the darkness and the sinister industrial feeling of all these brilliant music and they still generate the same feelings on me 20 years later.
Let’s talk of Argentina culture again for those who want to travel in Argentina. What are the places to visit?

Argentina is really beautiful. For a tourist, i’d recommend Buenos Aires as it’s the biggest city in the country and for me the best city in South America. But the best landscapes are definitely in the north and the south of Argentina. Patagonia (in the south) is one of the most amazing places i’ve ever seen in my life. It’s a quite expensive destination but it’s worth the money.
Do you prefer Messi or Maradona (or is it a stereotype that all argentinians like football)?
Haha it’s not an stereotype, most of the argentinians go craaaazy about football. Personally, i enjoy watching it from time to time but i dont consider it an important item. Anyway, Messi has done really unbelievable things in such a short time, he will probably be even bigger than Maradona.
To finish, because I like to eat. What is the meal that is absolutely necessary to eat if we travel in argentina?

Even if i’m vegetarian, i must say that this country is the land of meat, all types of.
But my recommendation would be argentinian pizza. For me it’s impossible to find anything similar to it, not even in Italy. Some italian readers might get upset about this but they should travel down here and check it out :)
Haha. Hope to discover your country in the future. Thanks for all this information and have a nice day.





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