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Interview with Marko Fürstenberg


Hi Marco, i’m really pleased to ask you a few questions, since i’m keen on your sound since your repentance ep (and many more on Ornaments -an amazing imprint-, have quite all ur releases) and your live@alte weberei (2008). This new album sounds like a consecration of your work, after the re-release of Gesamtlauftzeit on Rotary Cocktail in 2013. This time you’re back on Ornaments (on which you released numerous ep’s), home of beautiful deep techno and house made with an impressive sense of details (aesthetics, packaging and limited releases).


How do you feel with this release ?


I’m very happy that the album was finished before or 2nd child was born. with the album i tried to show in musically way the change of life since i’m a father.

Why did you choose in the early 00′s the dub techno universe ? Which where your grounding influences (favorite records and artists) ? 


I did not choosed that genra. i just tried a lot of different genres in the beginning. dubtechno for me is the best way from the emotions to the speakers ;-)
Back in the Time i was influenced by Artists like G-Man, Exos, Rhythm & Sound, Vladislav Delay, Monolake….etc.


Which artists have your attention nowadays ?


I really enjoy the new Yagya Album lately…


What is the future of this sound ? How do yo think deep/dub techno can re-invent itself, staying true to its roots ?


I dont know about the Future…but you can hear something like an Revival of older 90′s Sounds everywhere…. Re-Releases, Re-Makes… i can’t see any new, upcomming Genre, so in the Future everything will mixed with everything…
and Dubtechno…i dont know…seems there are enought fresh Releases out there which not just sounds like a Re-Issue of an Chain Reaction Track


What kind of gear (soft/hardware) do you use, how has it evolved through the years on your production ?


I started analog with Sampler, Synths, Mixer, Outboard FX…..and MIDI Sequencer. Some Years later i switched to Propellerhead Reason and Stayed. With the Years the analog Gear disappeared, now i just work with my Sampler/Synth and Reason.


Deep and dub techno are now under the spotlights with the development of the Berlin Scene (Berghain and others), this was not especially the case in the early 00′s when you released on net labels like Thinner. What is your mind upon the scene, especially in Germany ?


Since i’m a Father i’m a bit “out of scene”. i’m not the clubbing guy, so i dont know what happens out there nowdays.  the only thing i know is that techno was super underground back in the days, now you can hear it everywhere, in the tv, radia, on every street. it’s arrived in the mainstream.


Leipzig > Berlin  ?


Why should i move to a huge tourist city with so much stress, noise, unpersonal people and super high prices for a house? why should i do this with 2 Kids?




On the album “Ghosts from the past” : the album presents the variety of your sound, almost unreleased stuff (there’s only one released track (Dwights Warning)) could you introduce it and explain its title ?


GFTP is a musical retrospective of a new way of life – with a child – that was born in 2010. The conception and creation of this album began to take form in parallel to that of our unborn son, as an almost aural twin. my wife did with the album artwork. so it’s a Family Thing.


You play only live, could you explain why ?


I DJ’d in the 90′s a lot. but the Nights got longer and i’m not the Guy who stayed in Clubs forever. i love collecting records and play them for special moments, but i wont need to check out all new records weekly..i dont have the time for that, cause i have a fulltime job next to my music. since i produce it makes much more fun to play live. of course its harder to get gigs than a dj, but i’m independent from all financial things in music.


How was your show at Berghain/Panoramabar a few days before ?


It was very nice, i played at 8am in the morning anr the crowd was super. great moments during the set!


What are your plans for the next months ?


I dont have any plans, we’ll see what happens after the album, maybe a gig here and there . for sure i’ll work on new tracks but my focus is on the family. thats the most important thing for me and it gives me the most inspiration for my music.


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