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Le polonais Marcin Czubala prépare la prochaine compilation du label Mobilee Records, Back2Back qui sortira début 2011. Midi Deux en a profité pour en savoir plus sur ce projet, ainsi que sur les projets des autres artistes du label. Le tout en toute sympathie.


Midi Deux : Hi Marcin. I’m ready soon, let me know when you’re ok.


Marcin Czubala : Hey, sorry was in the bathroom. Yeah we can do it now if you are ok.


At first, logical questions. I’ld like you to speak about your past in classical music. What instruments did you play? And how important this experience was?


I was learning piano for 8 years and it was the key lesson to discover notes and all the basic stuff. I also learned clarinet for 1.5 year but quit it shortly, plus i was learning for 8 years singing. it’s definitely a very nice “base” for any producer, doesn’t matter what kind of music you make. You know, something extra you got from your past.


Marcin Czubala – Spinning The Roulette by Mobilee records


Yes, and do you think that this is the reason why people says you have your own style ? Because many people speaks about marcin czubala style, he plays an other techno than others artists, bla bla bla.


Could be…. i think my music is very clean and nice sounding…… everything is in harmony but style is rather a matter of taste.


Yeah, very clean techno. Like Berolina, a clean track. What do you really want your listeners to feel?  And what do you feel when you produce your tracks ?


First of all I could never make the same kind of music for years like i don’t know…. for example dj sneak. I love his music, but I can ‘t imagine making more or less the same style for 20 years. I always interested in changes, I go into different directions. Now i am focused on more organic and acoustic sounds. I am trying to achieve a signature in every of my tracks, something that you keep in mind after listening. Sometimes it’s melody, sometimes a vocal.


Ecouter Berolina sur cet article


Is Mobilee a good label to express yourself ? Do you produce  what you want?


Yeah Mobilee is definitely an open minded label, of course they have a little control over me but it’s in an acceptable way i would say.


Site Mobilee Records


I know you’re preparing the next mobilee compilation, back2back. How does it work ?


Yeah it’s going really well, but it takes a lot of time and the problem is that we don’t have much more time left.


How would you present the compilation ?


Basically back 2 back is double cd compilation, first one is strictly mobilee tracks and second one is gonna be my album. I think we will keep it in an unmixed format.I make some collaborations with people i like. They all send me parts and I am running like crazy these days. I try to make every track special, it’s big project, as I have some vocalists as well.


Vocalists like ?


All vocalists are coming from Poland.


I saw you’ve some dates in Poland, Poland in your heart ! Right ? … even if you live in Berlin.


No no….. i still live in Poland, it still surprises many people.


It surprises me but I find it nice. Living in Berlin become fashion for many DJs. So, you will not live in Berlin ?


Hard to say, it’s not necessary but would be nice, i know Berlin quite well, i was there for the first time in 1991 and then after 1996 basicaly i am visiting it very often. I live only 260km away from Berlin.


I don’t really know Poland culture. Can you make a little spitch on Poland ? 


Doesn’t matter where you go ask for Zurek soup and if you have a chance visit Zakopane in Tatry mountain. you should eat there grilled oscypek with cranberry, it’s amazing. Osycpek is a sheep cheese, made only there, very special.

Behind that Poland is big country, a lot of places to visit, western is quite different to eastern side. As you know we have seaside, as well great mountains, great countryside.

Best for clubbing is Poznan and Warsaw. During summer holidays we have Audioriver festival, big festival already voted one of the best in Europe by Resident Advisor. It’s not a clubbing mekka country, but if you want you will find a place for yourself.


Yes, i know Audioriver, maybe i’ll go in one day. I take notes of all you say, makes me want to go to Poland, good spitch and osycpek looks great :) is it this : 


Yes, exactly…… and while in restaurant, as a great starter you should ask for grilled one with cranberry or make yourself.


Makes me hungry… I love food. Do you already came in France ? to visit or to play ?


Yeah, I was in France many times…… for play too. Great food and wines but everybody know about it ha ha.


Yes it’s right. There’re a lot of other food but I can’t speak about food during all the interview :) Speak again about music. What song are you the proudest ?


It’s difficult to say……. be water from the chronicles of never album is one of my fav up to date, also Jedwab and Don’t need the sun to shine on 8bit were really sucessful but i am rather focusing on the future.


And how do you imagine the future ?


I am trying to limit the future to next 3 months.


Ahah and the plan ?


The plan is to make my best for Back2Back project.


When will this compilation release ?


January/february 2011


Besides back2back compilation, what Mobilee’s artist has a project ?


I am not very well informed , but i think panpot are making an album and i think sebo k too.


How is the atmosphere within Mobilee, you say that you can express yourself, but with other artists ?


Atmosphere is very friendly, everybody know each other…. i am one of the very few not living in Berlin though, so i am bit outside but when we meet it’s always great fun together.


In what concerns you, what’s your work’s methods ? Do you have time to hear music ?


I listen a lot actually, going through a lot of unknow old music every week, lookins for samples and stuff like that. Also a lot of promos to go through every day.


Is any track you could recommand ?


Recommendation track ….. i think Sofrito Specials – Calypso Path , great edit of Ralph Macdonald.

A lot of producers sound the same……. what I like recently is stuff from Innervisions, Underground Quality, Wolf lamb….. really enjoy recent Crosstown Rebels releases.


Yeah really good label, i enjoy it too. So time to hear music, and time to party ?


I spend last week on holiday, so the last party was the weekend before. I played friday and saturday in Poland.


And party where you haven’t play ?


I rarely go to clubs if I don’t play….. but i am sad to miss Whitest Boy Alive concert 2 weeks ago in my hometown, but I just came back form Mexico and was really tired.


Yes, they have begin their tour, it would be great. So Marcin, can you say a last word before you return at work.


I have new 12″ single coming out next month on Mobilee, it’s a good preview of what you can expect on back2back cd and I hope to meet you once at the party.


Ha, great ! I take notes. And something personnal, a secret to reveal ?


My secret is that I plan to go to gym but due to back2back project I must postpone it again :D


Haha. Excellent, really cool secret. So Marcin, have a nice day.


Cool, thanks for the interview. Have a nice day Florian.

cal performance is the day I’ll quit. I’m always trying to push myself.


What are you planning for this summer? 


This is shaping up to be a packed summer for SA and for me.

I have a DJ sets coming up in Berlin as part of the next SA Showcase (with Xhin and Dadub), in Paris and in London. I’ll be playing in Poland for the Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival where I’m going to be playing live.. I’ll be in the US for the 4th time for the festival at Red Rocks. I’ll also be making my debut at the Italian version of Time Warp festival. I’m very much looking forward to the live shows this summer at Bloc Festival in London, and in Berlin at Krake Festival as part of our first Stellate Series Showcase (with Perc and Dadub who are all presenting challenging experimental live acts). And not to forget the Rossini Opera Festival, where I’m going to reinterpret a Rossini Operas as live electronic music. Really exciting. And, of course, I’ll be spending lots of time in the studio!





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