Lucy aka Luca Mortellar est un des artistes les plus intéressants de ce début d’année ; son label l’est tout autant. Conquis par les productions récemment sorties, on a voulu en savoir plus sur le patron de Stroboscopic Artefacts. L’interview avait lieu par téléphone, découverte d’un artiste passionné et sympathique. Voici son récent podcast RA en accompagnement de la découverte ou non d’un nom à retenir dans la musique électronique.


Let’s speak about all SA projects. Monad series was impressive. Can you explain the ideas/philosophy behind this series?


The idea behind the Monad series was to create a challenge for the artists, to construct a format that would push the artists to explore the space between their musical production and the outer limits of where their creativity could lead. The Monad is a defined structured, but its essence is utterly flexible and provokes artistic freedom. The artists were never asked to sound a certain way. Actually what surprised me is how connected the sounds that emerged are and how coherently they worked together. It´s as if the structure just allowed soundscapes that were already there to be captured. In this sense Monad is attuned to the ‘Zeitgeist’, the German word which is perfect for expressing ‘the spirit of a certain moment’, this resonance in its different shapes, forms and colours.


How did Monad’s production happen? How did you proceed? Did you give some directions or were you very confident about the choices of your artists?


Monad as a form was conceived as a kind of mini-album format, a four track EP with the scope to express a wide range of sounds. The structure is comprised of four tracks, two 4/4 tracks, one broken beat and one experimental track. A very solid but also a very open structure. The resulting works are rich, diverse and surprising as an evolving body of work. It is astounding how cohesively it works.


Is this series already complete? Or can we except other Monad series releases?


Monad is certainly not over, this is a series that is focused on process and the second wave of the Monad is coming this summer. I´m hesitant to reveal too much but the first Monad this summer will be from Kangding Ray. In terms of the future if Monad still works as a creative structure the series will continue, if it´s not coming together – if it doesn´t tap into the ‘Zeitgeist’ – it won´t be getting released.


The Stellate series has started. How is it different to the Monad Series?


The main similarity between the approach of the Stellate and the Monad is that they are two structures which challenge the artists’ borders. However, Monad is about challenging these borders in the context of the dance floor, in the context of music that makes you want to dance, music that is understood on a physical level by your body. Stellate seeks to explore within the realms of a different context, Stellate is about delving into the palette of sounds and inspirations that lead to the production of electronic dance music. It´s kind of like understanding something on a molecular level to appreciate it is as a whole organism.


For instance, Perc has been asked a lot about his two tracks on Stellate 1, as many people thought this type of production to be new territory for Ali, but he is keen to point out that for him these tracks are about techno. This is what the two series are about it some ways, about following a process that might lead to unexpected outcomes. Monad and Stellate are named after point of genesis, points of origin and this is the impulse behind both series.


The Stellate series is a collection of various artists and the Sampler Series too. What are the advantages of a VA releases?


The biggest advantage of VA records, EPs, series is that they let the vision of the entire release go beyond the confines of one artist’s output. The release becomes, in a sense, like a movement, it combines unique voices, visions and allows them to momentarily unite. I like this sense of a wider consciousness.


Even if the releases are from various artists, we can recognize Stroboscopic Artefacts’ music and state of mind. Can you describe it?


That’s the exact beauty of a various artists release. When the artists are engaged in producing something new for a various artists’ release, they are totally focused on the project, totally focused on the act of creation. The artists commit themselves to an incredibly focused process. The important thing is that we don’t treat a VA release like a mixtape or a compilation; it’s more that each artist is commissioned to create a piece of music.


What about next projects for 2012? Any albums?


In 2012 we are concentrating on the Stellate Series, the new wave of Monad releases and on our 12″ vinyl output. For us the emphasis is on creating records that demand to be heard, we limit our output to ensure it is of consistent quality. The only thing I can reveal is that Dadub are in the studio, working hammer and nail on the next album that will be released on SA.


In a more personal way, where are you now in your “musical trip”?


My main “musical trip” at the moment is to work simultaneously on the two aspects of music that are essential to me. On one hand the DJ set, how to really move the crowd, how to transfer this primal wave of energy, how to allow people to dance with their bodies and with their minds. On the other hand, I’m working on my experimental live act that is more about digging deep into the grain of sound, trying to be almost expressionistic, to work with a palette that allows pure emotional instincts to be expressed through sounds.


I guess you travel all around the world. What are your greatest memories, not necessarily musical memories?


A multitude of things spring to mind: the attitude of the Japanese people during my last tour there, my first view of Cape Otway when on tour in Australia, the experience of ‘losing myself’ while playing for the first time at in Berghain 2 years ago, the 5 seconds of silence after my live act debut at Teatro Carignano for Club To Club 2011 before the theatre erupting into applause, each of the SA Showcases so far, THAT afterhour party at London’s Cable… This list could go on and on…


Do you remember of your best musical performance?


The day I have my best musical performance is the day I’ll quit. I’m always trying to push myself.


What are you planning for this summer? 


This is shaping up to be a packed summer for SA and for me.

I have a DJ sets coming up in Berlin as part of the next SA Showcase (with Xhin and Dadub), in Paris and in London. I’ll be playing in Poland for the Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival where I’m going to be playing live.. I’ll be in the US for the 4th time for the festival at Red Rocks. I’ll also be making my debut at the Italian version of Time Warp festival. I’m very much looking forward to the live shows this summer at Bloc Festival in London, and in Berlin at Krake Festival as part of our first Stellate Series Showcase (with Perc and Dadub who are all presenting challenging experimental live acts). And not to forget the Rossini Opera Festival, where I’m going to reinterpret a Rossini Operas as live electronic music. Really exciting. And, of course, I’ll be spending lots of time in the studio!





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