Lee Jones


Lee Jones a été désigné pour mixer la prochaine compilation de la série Watergate. Celle-ci sortira courant du mois octobre. Maintenant que la compilation est prête, Midi Deux en a profité pour prendre des nouvelles du DJ/producteur. Interview avec un artiste intéressant et agréable.


Hi, Lee.


Hi Florian.


First, my english sucks sometimes so you could not understand me.


Better than my french i’m sure!


What can you say in fench ?


J’habite a berlin!


Haha nice. Ich wohne in Rennes.


Ou se trouve Rennes?


Rennes ist in Frankreich, westcoast. I can’t say more in german.


That’s all my french too! I used to speak ok french at school, but since I learned german I forgot all my french….so


What’s up today ?


Oh, i’m chilling at home. I had a little accident in Russia 2 weekends ago….


What’s happened ?


Me and another DJ got attacked outside a club in Siberia. I have a broken foot.


Oh, so hard !


It was crazy.


Were they bears ? And who was the other DJ ?


They were drunken idiots who were refused entry to the club… they were just looking for a fight. he was a local dj. resident at the club.


So, I wish you a good restablishment. Can we speak about you and begin a real interview ?


yes please.


We know you are a DJ for 10 years approximatily and you have made an album in 2008. I would like to know why only one and why so late? great album by the way.


Sorry dude…. people just arrived in my flat. i’m moving to the other room…. 2 mins


ok, i gonna take a beer


People visiting my girlfriend…. So, Electronic Frank was my frist solo album under my own name, but I’ve been putting out albums under other guises. the MyMy album was 90% produced by me. before that, when I lived in london, I did a project called Hefner. I also co- wrote and produced an album called Abraham.




MyMy on MySpace


Please tell me a track to listen.


From MyMy check out Everybody’s Talkin. from Hefner… Dive Into You and abraham – City For Us

ok i ‘ll listen after the itw, thks.

Do you think it is required to produce an album for recognition as a DJ?


Yes, unless your a genius as a DJ… then maybe DJing is enough… but I’d say my strength is more as a producer than a dj.


What do you like best ?


I love both. I love performing (also playing live in a band) because of that instant feedback you get. I always play a lot of my own music. It’s great to see it working (or not) right in front of you… It’s better than waiting months for the release, reading reviews etc


Do you produce in fonction of people’s reaction ? and how do you produce tracks ? Are you from those who work alone ?


It’s absolutely important to care about people’s reactions… Although I approach music as an artist, I still understand that dance music is functional… it has to work in a club. On an album maybe you can do other things… but the main tracks on the album have to have some kind of functionality. i prefer producing alone… maybe working for a few hours with someone else, but then I like to sit alone through the night and get really deeply into the track.


In a few days the compilation Watergate will be released. How have you been picked to mix the compilation ?


I’m very close to the club and the people running it. I actually moved to berlin the same week it opened (8 years ago) and knew the guys for years before. I’ve been a resident there since the beginning.


Is the compilation completely finished?


yes. I just got the finished CDs today.




Can you send me now ? :)




Thanks, very nice, I’ll have a good evenning. It’s your first mix which is going to be commercialised, how do you feel about that?


I’m quite nervous actually! It was hard to do this mix and make it special.


Understanable. How did it worked ? what was difficult ?


There are SO many podcasts,  mixes, internet radio streams… lots of great music all for FREE – and these people don’t have to license the tracks… so that means you can use anything! so I had to find exclusive music, unreleased stuff, special versions, new tracks, collaborations. it was more like making a compilation than a dj mix.


Yes but watergate’s compilation have notoriety.


Yes, and some big names came before me…


haha, what’s your favorite watergate’s compilation ?


I liked Sebo K’s – especially that Martyn edit he made.





Yes, good one. So you mix once a month in Watergate. So, you are well placed to talk about techno in Berlin, the public, … and not the siberian’s public.


Yes I prefer the people here! I never saw a fight in berlin. and there’s almost no security in the clubs… but there’s never any trouble.


Can you describe state of mind in berlin.


It’s a very open, free attitude. I think everyone is seduced by the sexiness of the clubs.


But don’t you think there are too many DJs who are playing Tech House all the time ?


Sure, it gets very boring. i’ve stopped going to these kind of parties. But where I hang out in watergate, panorama bar, bar 25…. dj’s try to mix it up more but i like something about the purity of music here…. i don’t want to hear 20 genres of music on a dancefloor.


Who is the most famous DJ in Germany ? Cause in France, it is david guetta, it is the shame. Different state of mind than in Germany.


Oh we have Sven Väth so don’t worry about David Guetta! No, but it is amazing that DJ’s like Luciano, Ricardo, Matthias Kaden, Onur Ozer are getting really famous…. and they are actually GOOD!


The comparatly within David Guetta and Sven Vath is a bit strong :) Do you have the memory of a great gig in watergate ?


oh I’ve had a lot of fun times there.


Not one more than others ?


Not one in particular, but over the last 4 years I did a party every month on wednesdays, downstairs only… and the best part was always the mornings when the sun came up and burst through the windows. We played all night evry time, and the last few hours were always the best. we played all sorts of crazy music then me and Nick höppner from MyMy that was.


Oh yes I truelly agree, I remember a mathew jonson’s live at astropolis festival and a ben klock djset at neopop in portugal which last till the morning, just a big memories. That’s just techno’s spirit.


Retour NEOPOP festival


Oh yes, good memories… when you CAN remember it’s nice!


Yes but precisely in the morning you can and it’s just so amazing. Do you appreciate these artists ? Mathew Jonson is just a genious, i think. I understand water isn’t your favorite drink in party.


Ha ha! No, vodka rather than water!… I think Matt Jonson has made some great records…

Not everything i like, but some are amazing. Ben Klock’s music doesn’t really touch me but he’s a good techno dj.


Me nather but in the morning that’s different. To speak about your mix, what do you usually mix in Watergate?


Deep, melodic, groovy techno. Sometimes i make the opening upstairs, so i have to go from an emtpy room to a full pumping peak time set in 2 hours. that’s tricky! i might start with soul music, go through house music and end up with hard techno.


You mix house, soul …and I saw in your influences artists : A tribe called quest, de la soul, radiohead, … Can you explain ?


course… I enjoy SO much music. Music has never ending combinations and permutations


I really enjoy Hip Hop, a tribe called quest … no words to say. what do you like at the moment ?


oh, that was the golden age of hip hop for me… de la soul, quest, beatie boys even.. i’ve never been into hip hop as much since then. At the moment, i love a lot of singer-songwriter music.


Do you listen the last the roots’ album ?


No, didn’t hear the last one. oh, but they were great too.


How I got over is one of the best hip hop album I ever listen. i’m talking about nowadays hip hop.






I gotta check it out! I’d love to find a record that got me back into hip hop


No one track is bad. Check this one !


The Roots – How I Got Over feat. Dice Raw by soundforecast


Nice one! oh by the way… here’s the promo for the first watergate vinyl… ******** 6 tracks… all exclusive stuff from the mix. don’t share!!


No i’ll write ****  thanks a lot.


Tres bien.


De rien, c’est très gentil de ta part


S’il vous plait.


Haha, you understand, I wouldn’t have understand in german.


ja klar!


bitte schon. dare you speak in french for 3 minutes. Tu aimes les zèbres ?


Oui, j’aime beaucoup tous les animaux.


Est-ce toi qui a fait l’artwork de ton album ? quels animaux aimes-tu ?


Non, un ami fait l’artwork… oh merde…c’est dificile!!


Haha it’s fast perfect.


Ce sont trois chevaux sur le MyMy album sleeve.


Nice ;)


Et maintainent… un Paon


Yes I saw wartegate 07′s artwork.


C’est magnifique, n’est pas?


Oui, très beau, j’aime le concept. Vive les paons, les chevaux et les zèbres, ce sont les meilleurs animaux du monde. That could be a good end for this interview. isn’t it ?


I think so! It’s so hard trying to remember my french! j’ai mal a tete!


haha, congrats. Have you anything to add ?


Hope you enjoy the music… i’ll make a second lee jones album next… will come out early next year


oh very cool news. let’s keep in touch


Yes, let’S


So, I had a nice time speaking to you. And have a nice evening. 


Yes, thanks, you too. Speak soon, au revoir.





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