Kenneth Christiansen


You started your career in 1991 as a DJ in Denmark, your native country. What pushed you to get into electronic music ?


My interest for Electronic music started in the beginning of the 90′s. I still lived in a small city in the countryside, 30.000 people. I started to listen to a radioshow where you could hear early Techno and House music.

I started to work in a recordshop in this city around 1991, and ordered records from a recordshop in Copenhagen. It was the first R&S stuff, Warp records etc..
Also I started to do some small rave parties in that area. More and more we went to raves in Copenhagen, and then in 1992 we started to go out in Berlin.


At the end of the 90’s, after organizing lots of parties, and opening your first store – Science-Fiction then a second in 2001 – Loud – you launched Echocord your own label which we know the success, then Echocord Colour dedicaded to music clearly made for the dancefloor.
How have these two projects progressed through years ? What do you plan to do now ?


Well, when I started Echocord, I had got some interesting demoes in the shop where I was working in Copenhagen. I had good contacts to distribution and international artists, so it was the perfect timing.

When I met Mikkel Metal the first time, he gave me these demoes, and then It started. When I started Echocord I had no plans about sub labels, or how big it could get really, I just did it..
At that time there was no digital, only vinyls, it was another time, and slowly it all just got bigger and bigger..
More and more international artists contacted me, it was very nice..

The reason why I started Echocord Colour was because I needed a platform for other kinds of music, still with the dubby feeling, but could be harder, or more experimental. I received many demoes, and I still do
that I really like, but that don’t fit to Echocord, so its nice to have this second label :-)

My plan is to continue to do what I do, release music that I really love, witht he artists that I have already signed, and maybe some new ones if it all fit together. Will do more showcases around Europe aswell.





At the same time, Stefan Betke, aka Pole, opens you to the european scene by performing in clubs such as the WMF in Berlin or in festivals like the Sonar in Barcelona. How did you live all those experiences through Europe ? What is your look on the emergence of electronic music ?

This was a special time for me. I was playing a lot in Copenhagen at that time, and did many parties here. I felt I was really ready to play outside of Denmark, so it was perfect when Stefan asked me for Berlin. I was already in berlin
very often so had many friends there, and it was the old WMF I started to play which was at that time my favorite club in berlin, so it was a very big thing. he was super happy about my djset so he invited me more in berlin, and then Barcelona, Uttricht and other places. Then after that I started to get a lot of International gigs and did Echocord showcases.


Can you tell us briefly about the story of the Culture Box in Copenhagen, the club you’re behind for ten years ? By the way it’s not just a club. What is the philosophy of this diversified spot ?


I have always done events and clubs in Copenhagen but i was looking for a venue we could use every weekend, because it was too much work to put up light and sound etc every time.

10 years ago I saw this location close to the centre of Copenhagen, which was perfect for a club I thought. I contacted my friend Loke Busch, and we got it and started up slowly. had no money
so we builded everything ourself, + borrowed some money from friends and family.

From the begging we wanted to put the focus on the music quality and the sound in the club. Already at that time I had many contacts all over the world, so from the beginning we booked big artists and known
names+ all the good local acts. It just got bigger and bigger and now 10 years after we are maybe the best Club in Scandinavia. the readers of Electronic Beats in Germany voted us as the 5th best club in Europe :-)

Can you tell me about Pattern Repeat, the project you co-manage with Resoe, who runs Baum ? What is its main goal ?


Resoe aka Dennis Bøg is a very good old friend of mine. We worked together in the recordshop “Loud” here in Copenhagen, 12 – 15 years ago. He was very interested in my label when I started up, and we
had the same tast of electronic music. He also a little later started his label “Baum”. Well, he got this super cool studio close to the recordshop at that time, and he invited me there and suddenly we came up with
some tracks that we both really liked. So, I contacted Kompakt (again) :-) reg distribution, and it started.


kenneth chrstiansen






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