Joachim Spieth

Joachim Spieth est un artiste incontournable dans le milieu de la musique électronique et encore trop peu connu en France malgré ses nombreuses sorties sur Kompakt et la création de son propre label Affin ou sont liés des artistes comme Deepchild, Little Fritter et Jamal Moulay.

Hi Joachim. My first question is mostly a personal question because I may think that you’re really attached to your Affin artists, right? 

Yes, it’s a good connection.

Can you explain what do you hoped in creating Affin? 

I wanted to have a platform for my own stuff as well as for friends. It was clear from the beginning that it should host some different genres of electronic music. The idea was to grow it without too much pressure or conventions just to develop it naturally.

Regarding this development, how has your music evolved since Abi’99? 

Would be a pity if not :-) It’s longer than 10 years since Kompakt released “Abi ’99″. In the first time i experimented with harder techno, also ambient soundscapes and house music. During the last 5 years it turned a bit more to a mixture of housy, dubby & technoid elements. It’s all about fusion and confusion.

Can you tell us more about your productions that were important to your career? 

Abi ’99 as debut was very important. Kompakt was the label i wanted to release and it happened. Later on there were “You Don’t Fool Me” (licensed to the Orb’s “Back To Mine”) and “Under Pressure” on Speicher 8 generated a lot of publicity. Being played by Sven Väth was something i really never expected. It was just a night with a bottle of wine and from the begin to the end a “never look back”, something that normally not happened… funny. After my time releasing on Kompakt there was a remix for Oriol Benedet (Ensaimada), licensed to Gui Boratto’s “Addicted 2″ mix compilation, also a highlight. And not to forget, „Up“ (feat. Jesus Rodriguez) was licensed on Ivan Smagghe’s Cocoricò (Mantra Vibes).

I will publish some of these tracks. So Abi ’99 and some other tracks were released on Kompakt. What kind of relationship do you

have with them ? 

We have a respectful relationship.

Does Kompakt’s state of mind influenced you ? Or are there any others labels that influenced you ? 

In 1998 when all was set up for launching Kompakt as a label & distribution it was impressing to see a system running. It also was their attitude, the way they acted on the music market that inspired me. Over the years i developed my own idea about how to run a label and how to communicate with the label acts etc. After my productions on Kompakt i worked with labels like Tongut, Galaktika or Paso Music (i was involved managing the label with Marc& Sebrok from 2007 – 2009), so i had more examples to figure out the way that i wanted to build up a label.

Now, what do you like and what do you dislike in the electronic music world ? 

I love to see that electronic music today is a global thing with a large diversity. What i really dislike is that the lifecycle of the music often is just too short. A reason therefore could be that too much music is offered these days., also a lot of DJs don’t seem to be confident enough to play out some of the older tunes.

Yeah many other people and I think the same. How will be electronic music in 5 years? And Affin in 5 years? 

hmmmm. I’m also looking forward to it.

Yes, future will tell us more. Concerning present, the Selected 7 will be out soon. (I think it’s the best Affin VA that i’ve listened, amazing VA) Can you tell us more about this VA? (artists, production, state of mind) 

Thanks for liking it! Since a longer time the label has some residents like Little Fritter, Deepchild, The Dolphins, Dirty Culture or Reggy Van Oers (to name just a few). So over the time they developed an inspiring atmosphere and this is reflected on the compilation. On „Selected 7“ i also tried to limit the maximum of the tracks to get the interested crowd more focussed on the music. In general, the „Selected“ series helps to bring together the label artists on one format. It is very important for me to display them all on a release, just like a showroom. And for the DJs it is a good thing to get an overview for which sounds Affin stands for.

Will this VA be available on vinyl ? 

This compilation isn’t availible on Vinyl.

What are your future projects and those of other Affin artists ? 

We started building up a label booking to organise some labelnights as well as offering our artists to the clubs. Moreover Affin 100 will be the next big step this autumn, so there’s a lot of things to do. I’m working on this compilation since months.

Ok, I looking forward to all of it. Thanks you Joachim and have a nice day.

Thank you very much for this interview. Best Regards.





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