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Learning the piano awakens you to the music and it is during adolescence that you turned to electronic music. Could you give us the name of one artist who have influenced this direction?


Undoubtedly, I started my journey with my beloved piano, I remember the blows on the hands, on the part of my teacher, then felt the need to take a new road, devoid of patterns and everything interesting, the first artists I remember are Massive Attack, who have marked me very, very great pioneers Kraftwerk. But I stress Depeche Mode, with their music always changing, they totally marked me and my path.


Since 2014 are you resident of Φύση, which party has impressed you most and above what artists?


Certainly do not hide the fact that the Φύση project for me, has an incredible value, a home for me, I started to earn my residence from 2014 and 2015, a ‘full of surprises just for this years, it certainly many artists have passed through the club, the ones that have most impressed me were Oscar Mulero, Zenker Brothers, Tadeo, Reeko, who particularly impressed me with some really sensational set. There are many surprises for the summer season, with new names and exciting twists. really I owe so much to this club, especially for my personal growth, also because there is a climate of friendship and brotherhood among all workers.


Some days ago you announced the imminent release of an EP more ambient, more experimental. You throw the first stone sharing a progressive track which suggests the best. Could you announce us on which label it will be released and when this will happen ?


You, do not hide it, that recently I am working on an EP, more imaginative and different from my usual standard, but still punchy and impact. I wanted to move in this direction, also because I have always loved to do something different, I do not like to do the same stuff always interests me more space and maybe create something very personal, the label still have not decided, I have done nothing, when complete the work will decide everything.


In 2014 you cofund with Unthone the label MMAudio. Both of you signed EP with big collabs : Tripeo, Kaelan and Echoplex. The third one cooked by the good Hinori Takashi. A deep intergalactic EP with the massiv track Resaga keeps ringing in our playlists. Very nice one. Why did you choose Hinori ? How do you know each other ?


Certainly have ideas decided and friends who work in harmony, it is a wonderful thing, Unthone and I, we’ve always tried to bring something different on our side.

The 2014 and 2015 certainly very positive have been two years, so many ideas and plans and dreams, especially those that help each person to believe in own modern capabilities, we made so many beautiful collaborations, Tripeo, Kaelan and Echoplex added completeness and experience in our work, and finally Hironori, who gave a very special touch to the whole, i remember well that he sent us the work in the summer of 2015, we took into account from the start his work, really unusual and very expressive , diversified themselves our scheme, made our project even more expressive and complete, Hironori an artist whom I respect a lot, realizes the incredible music.

We discovered two month ago the Fundamental Interaction release, and it is in grade shape ! A powerful EP with a very good remix by Binny. Moreover you lauch your first podcast serie with a first one hour mix by Fundamental Interaction. Have you already plan a second podcast ? Who will mix it ?


Mark Asbrey (Fundamental Interaction) is an artist whom I respect a lot, we wanted to include him in our catalog as an artist, because we follow him for some time, even for the work undertaken in CLFT and the Dyad project with Ben Gibson.

We were immediately impressed by his projects and ideas. We decided to include in our format, via our soundcloud channel, a series of pocast, the first to begin the dances is Fundamental Interaction with a solid podcasts, now we are planning for the next, for sure Kalean, Hironori and other artists who It has been a part of our project and artists who will.

On 5 April, it was discovered the preview of your latest EP signed again on the BALANS Tripeo label, a collaboration that is now anecdotal nothing. Vortex Empire trumpets music tailored for a dancefloor pumped. We can note well in each of your productions your fussy work on both rhythmic and atmosphere of your tracks. Tell us a little bit more about your way of working. Are you constantly looking for new experiments and innovations?


When I started working on tracks for Balans, I wanted something different, as if I had to describe my way of seeing the Techno precisely that instant, unlike my previous jobs, I gave more blood to the whole, making the idea of I wanted to bring to the listener.

The ep is divided into two parts, with Frames from the Lake and Frequency Graven I wanted to bring out a more dark and mysterious sound, the first almost like a soundtrack, almost macabre background, the second firm but by trends that draw frames.

The other side with Shaded Impacted Vortex and Empire, is an individual more hypnotic and warm point of view, with the timbre decided and Impact, with the second part that totally changes including a pad that softens the whole of the previous concept.

I’m very precise in my work, I love to hear sounds till you drop, just to understand and smooth to my liking my idea.

I lock myself in the studio for hours, and I love doing it deeply, my little corner where I can let go, especially in times when I needed to vent.

I love to listen to sounds from nature, I draw inspiration, even the city noise sometimes makes me continually ideas, I love this side of me.

Soon he will come with a track in a Various Soma, and I am delighted at this because of the fact that it is a label that I follow when I started to making music.


And finally, for all those who come to party in southern Italy this summer, a festival, a club, a store and a cool place out of the corner to recommend us?


Certainly the summer will offer a lot here, there are many realities which are really strong, I love very much the situation today, we run a lot of artists, now the Puglia lives of these realities, especially in the last five years, I recommend you get there to Φύση, to visit the club and especially the location that every artist that reaches us, defines magical.






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