Dr. Rubinstein

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Dr. Rubinstein est en train de tout casser sur son passage! Djette incroyable, elle mixe régulièrement à l’About Blank et commence à squatter le plus beaux clubs européens (BerghainDance TunnelCulture Box). On a voulu en savoir un peu plus sur elle avant son passage le 14 mai dans le basement de La Machine avec Anetha et notre Théo Muller.

- What pushed you to get into electronic music?

When I went to my first techno party 10 years ago in Tel Aviv. I just couldn’t stop dancing… till today.

- 3 words to define your sound?

No turning back

- You always lived in Berlin?

I moved to Berlin 4 years ago. For me it’s the perfect place to live in because I find lots of inspiration in partying and dancing, and Berlin has a lot to offer.


- You played many times at About Blank. What’s you relation with this club? How would you describe it to someone that never been to?

About Blank was the first club to book me in Berlin. They gave me the chance to constantly develop myself as a DJ and I am very thankful for that. It is a cosy underground club with a lovely crew and familiar atmosphere, high quality line ups and this very special unique garden where you easily can lose a day (or two).




- What you don’t like in the Berlin electronic scene?

Impossible to attend all the parties I am interested in :)


- What is the album that you listen for the longest time?

I guess it’s “Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92″. I’ve listened to it so many times, that I know all the tracks by heart.

- Is Dr. Rubinstein will release tracks in the future?

For now, I think of myself as a DJ only. But maybe one day I will want to get into writing music as well.


- Do you have a podcast you like to listen to when you go at work or to a gig?

I really do not listen to a lot of podcasts but when I travel, there are two sets that always travel with me : ASC‘s Orbiting Probes Mix and the other is a live recording of Convextion from 2008.

- What do you think about the “track id process”? You keep some secret weapons or you don’t care?

I believe that music is for sharing so I always reveal track id’s to people that ask me.


- What is the gig you will remember all your life and the one you want to forget?

The one I will always remember is my first gig at Berghain. The other one I already forgot :)


- Could you take a funny selfie/photo to close this interview?

Aloha From Hell






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