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Heureux, contents, ravis de vous proposer cet interview d’Ahmet Sisman à lire accompagné du podcast ci-dessous. Dans toute cette masse d’artistes que l’on voit défiler, il fait parti de ceux qui méritent le plus notre attention. Voici qui permet de mieux cibler un personnage très sympathique et à l’avenir prometteur. 



First of all, can you introduce yourself to midi-deux readers ? 


Well im one of the few or more lucky people in this world who can live from that what he loves to do. So my music and lifestyle is a very part of my own and reflects my daily life. 


Could you tell us more about your everyday life, and what you’re doing currently? 


Drinking my coffee, listening to music and answering your questions, it’s a sunny day, so I’m doing fine J. And you? 


Yeah I’m fine, a little tired. Yesterday, I went to a DJ Premier live. It was amazing. Do you like Rap? Or other kind of music? 


Yeah i love Rap. I was really into the 90s sound of Wu Tang Clan, Naugthy by Nature, Public Enemy and Dr. Dre stuff. And not to forgot to mention also the Beastie Boys. But after the music has lost is social and political message, I lost the interest in those kind of gangsta-pimp-style-shit! 

All in all I listened to different kind of music styles, like also psychedelic rock with the Pink Floyd, the Doors and Led Zeppelin etc … or Classical Music. Around 14 there was a time I could listen all day to Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach, Tschaikowsky and Paganini. I had a friend who just listened to this music and he infected me with his euphoria. 


The artists you mentioned are essentials for anyone who loves music. To be more original, is there any kind of music or artist you hate? And why? 


Im very critical about music, as a producer, listener and dj. And surely there is music/ artist that I don’t like, hahahah … I guess there is more music that I hate than I love (which is sad). But what can I say, there is a lot of bullshit out there, although I don’t want to point the finger on certain artists, that’s not the right way. All in all it’s about a matter of taste. So who can you judge for their taste? I guess just having the right standing for what are you doing is the matter, do I really care about the “15 minutes fame” in this business, does an artist need this?? 


Yes I think some “artists” need this. J But you’re right it’s about a matter of taste. So, let’s talk about you now. You are a young producer but you managed to have a great position in the electronic music world. How to stand out from the impressive number of DJs and producers? 


Nowadays with this big amount of releases and djs I think that the most important aspect is the quality of what are you doing, and not the quantity in releasing every month one record and non-stop remixes. It seems that a lot of newcomers try to make that “big hit” and getting this 15min feeling of success. Which is not really a big deal, but I prefer the long term way (and maybe the harder one). To release music from which I’m 100% convinced, reflecting a part of my character and having a certain storytelling behind it. And this takes for me a lot of time instead of making simple loopy club tools. I prefer as dj to tell a story in my sets and this is mostly possible with tracks which have a certain characteristic flavor. 

All in all I hope that kind of individual selection in creating and playing music gives the listener/ dancer a special moment for himself. And that’s my aim, to share a certain taste of music/feeling with the crowd. Well not forget to mention that I’m in the beginning of my road. There is still a lot of to do! 


“In the beginning of your road” but you already produced good tracks. And as you said, your music gives some special moments for some listeners. Which track are you the most proud of? 


I don’t have really a favorite track! At the beginning I had this influence of combining ethnic influences with modern techno and house. Right now I try to implement other musical influences (like the touch of the 80 and 90s) into my productions. I try to keep things fresh and not to repeat myself. I have to be 100% convinced by the music until I’m releasing it. But if you want some name droppings: I would say the lessizmore 06 and the slash 04 would be my favorite EPs! They are significant for the change of my sound and maybe they are the ones where I took a lot of time to finish them. 


How do you imagine yourself next year and in 10 years? 


Well what I meant with being at the beginning of the road is that the learning process is still going on and I’m growing up as an artist. Maybe there would be no ending at all, I guess it shouldn’t be! I like the idea to create my own aesthetic idea of sound and arrangement. That the listener will say: ah yeah, this is a Sisman track. And I hope I achieved a little bit of that. But if I keep the expectations for example to be like Dj Koze, Bruno Pronsato or Robag Wruhme, there is still a lot of to do J, because those artists are just simply amazing and you can hear the confidence of them behind their music. This is what I want to reach. Be totally free of hypes and temporary musical styles. 


Do you have a dream concerning music or other? For instance to play in a particular club, to produce with a particular artist, or other… 


Right now, no not really, especially participating with another artist is something that I find very hard. I’m not sure if I can share my intimate moments in the studio with another person, I would feel vulnerable and couldn’t let myself go what I usually do. I have to be totally isolated from the outside world when I make music. 

I would say my biggest dream would be to travel all around the world, meeting different places and people. Well and with music this is much more easier than before. So I realized a little part of my dream already and more will follow very soon … 


Do you think of a first album? 


I will do an album for sure but there is nothing certain yet … the idea how the album should be is in my mind. I just need the right platform and time … let’s see what the future will show. 


Nothing to do with now ; you didn’t point any particular artist you hate but you hate some. So I never asked that, but it could be interesting, what do you hate in general? haha 


In the last time (let’s say years) I’m thinking a lot of how generally the things are going in my daily life and what’s happening around me. And I recognize a lot that most people don’t have an certain opinion or vision of what they are doing. Like about music, politics, society or your job etc … it’s sad to say that a big majority doesn’t even care about having an independent position in what they are doing with their life. They are just functional human beings who are limited with their efforts having a remarkable social status in which they feel secure and confident. It’s all about saving the day! But life has much more to offer and the biggest struggle is to release yourself from this conditioned thoughts that you learned from school, family or society. Do you really need a car, insurance, a house, this and that, bla bla bla … why does everybody has an iphone now, to waste more time, to get into higher debts, work harder for paying your bills? I know that we are living in a capitalist system and I’m not an utopic fool. But please do we have to swallow everything that is served on a golden tablet with inside just full of crap!?! 

I visited one of the best schools in Turkey (the private German lice in Istanbul), so does that make me a better or more intelligent person, of course not, my family just had the money for it! I have a diploma in social science, for what? Because people told me so. Why did I listen to them? Cause it just makes you a more functional idiot for the society, hahahaha … this is a never-ending discussion. 


Haha, I am glad you expressed yourself like that. It is a never-ending discussion for sure, I think it is better not to care about these conditioned people and people without opinion, these annoying people who just speak about their next shoes. There are not just school which make our personality. Our lifestyle make us being a better person. you have your own opinion about society and some of people even don’t have one. 




So to finish the interview, if you have anything to say concerning upcoming releases, or regarding an important person in your life or any food you like, don’t hesitate. 


Lets talk about food! Maybe that’s the only consumable thing for which i would pay a lot of money J. 50% or maybe more of our daily joy is eating, so it’s worth spending money for it. I’m a passionate cooker and during the week I’m cooking every day, inviting friends. The principle is the same as making music if you have the right ingredients and knowledge. And keep it uncomplicated because the best is always the simple one! And cooking is not a matter of time, it’s a matter of carrying about yourself and your body. Most Restaurants offering you very bad food for a lot of money, don’t let them fool you. 


Happy to know that you are a passionnate cooker, I really love food too. I am not a real good cooker but I love cooking and eating. So Ahmet, thank you very much for this interview and have a nice day. 


All in all thanks for the questions … it was a pleasure.







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