First, the most basic question: Can you introduce yourself to those who do not know you ?


my name is pascal terstappen. im 23 years old. i’ve released two albums on traum schallplatten. and several of dance ep’s on different record labels.


23 years old and already 2 albums out. How do you explain that ? hurry or worker ?


I think i came in touch with the right music and equipment at the right time. that’s why i have two albums at the age of 23. there are not many kids who listen to boards of canada and aphex twin at the age of 14.


Yes, that’s uncommon. How did you do to get there since those years when you listened to Aphex Twin and Boards Of Canada? From your beginnings in music to your first signature on Traum ?


A friend gave me some music software when i was on high-school. i used to play video games like red alert and age of empires. but i liked the music software and kind of got addicted to it. after a few years my first ep got released on manual music. on from there i came in touch with traum. we decide to release an album.


Can you tell us more about the evolution of your music between your albums already out.


well. my first album was more a collection of music i’ve made in the past. the music wasn’t made for an album, actually. but, the second album was produced as an album. so, that’s the difference. the second album is more mature.


And what do you want people feel when they are listenning to your music ?


I’m not really into what people feel when they listen to my music… when a record is finished, i pass over my music to the listeners, who all have their own feelings and listen to it in their own point of view. i think that’s the beauty of music a the peoples themselves can decide what they think and what they feel.


Concerning your state of mind, how do you feel when you produce your own music ?


i’m like a robot when i make music. i translate my mind into music without thinking. it just happens. when i make something cool, i am happy. when i work too much, i feel stressed.


Are you someone stressed in general ?


haha. not really. i’m really laid back. but when i work too much on my music my head goes crazy sometimes and the house seems too small.


It’s the winter holidays. Nobody can be stressed. One thing you love about winter ? Does it snow in the Netherlands ?


There is a lot of snow here. 50 cm at my parents place in the south, and 30 cm here in amsterdam. i love winter because i work at home. and i love walking. so yes, i love the winter.


The Netherlands are not just a little cold country. How would you describe the Nederlands art scene ?


the art scene is very separated. people who make music do only know musicians. people who make video only know video artists. and people who paint only know painters. so there are not many artists who work together, while some of them should.


But I may know you’ve worked with Rick Robin for the ‘welcome to the woods’ video. And he comes from the Netherlands.


A lot of people think the video is by rick robin, but it isn’t. hahaha. but he’s doing a video of another track from the ep but it is not finished jet. rick is a video artist from amsterdam. he makes a lot of interesting art and beside that he’s doing commercials. we work separately. he likes experimenting his video ideas on my music.


Ok and concerning the music scene in the Netherlands ? I think of artists like Makam, Bas Amro, …


the music scene in the netherlands is very basic. but, we have some cool hip hop and jazz producers. and a few people who make nice techno. and a few cool dj’s who play good records.


Do you know some French artists and what do you think of the French electronic scene?


Laurent garnier is big. i really enjoy his dj sets and productions. also matthys, panda valium and martouf are some guys who make interesting music. i played with them in france. this was exciting. The french scene is cool as what i’ve seen of it.


Concerning your music tastes, what album impressed you this year ?


A lot. mostly the albums of : flying lotus, four tet, lone, caribou, kayne west, mig dfoe and luke abott.


Have you planned to release a new album next year ?


Not jet. i have a lot of new tunes. but don’t know which way i’d like to go for a new cd. If i come up with a new album, it must be insanely strong.


Are you aware of the next releases to follow on Traum ?


I haven’t planned many. first I do an ep on manual music in february, and i’ve done some remixes which will be released in the early months of 2011. I know that dominik eulberg is doing an album for traum which will find it’s way into the world before summer! also ryan davies will do an EP.


Is Traum a good label to express yourself ?


Yeah i think so. I can do whatever I want on traum, and the label have a nice group of fans and followers all over the world!


Is it a long relationship that you started with Traum ? Because some artists are releasing an EP on a label, then another EP on another label … What do you think about this?


I think it’s good to have a home base label to release your music on. but some people like to do it in a different way. I don’t know what’s right or wrong. you can expect that more of my music to be released on traum for the coming years!


Traum is really a good label, I wish you the best with Traum. Well I think it will be ok after these questions : Can you answer with just one word.


Favorite food ? Pizza


Geek ? Sometimes


Sport ? hockey


What will you do the Dcember 31 ? partying


Logic. So, thanks a lot for this great interview.


Thanks. If you need anything, you can send me an email. All the best.






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